In 2010, when Jim Gilmour retired from the meat business after 45 years, and sold his meat shop and deli of 13 years, he had no idea that he would be coming out of retirement so soon. When his son, Nick, approached him with the idea to open a meat shop north of Kingston he did not hesitate to get the ball rolling. Nick, who started working for his Dad when he was 10, has been cutting meat for 12 years. Nick, moved north of Kingston a few years ago, quickly grew to love the area and the people from it; he thought of no better place to open a shop. They look forward to serving Harrowsmith and surrounding area with quality meat, a deli, and other specialty products as well as ready to go hot meals. They welcome the opportunity to provide any speciality cuts or orders upon customer request. Don’t hesitate to stop in and get acquainted with the Gilmours.
What we serve

Along with your everyday butcher necessities we provide a variety of specialty items. In our meat section we have hormone,nitrate and gluten free products. We have a deli counter for cold meats and salads. A food-to-go counter which has hot prepared meals for those in a hurry or just wanting a delicious meal. Our grocery section contains your house hold staples along with lots of specialty products that you might have a hard time finding anywhere else.